CWC Advisors was founded in 2000 along with its parent company, Cleland Woolworth Capital Group. Initially, CWC Advisors focused exclusively on providing portfolio management service to high net worth individuals. Within a few years its performance relative to peers began to attract the interest of Institutional Investors. In 2009, CWC Advisors officially expanded its portfolio management services and began managing institutional accounts investing in CWC’s Small Cap portfolio.


Our Mission is to exceed our client’s expectations by providing sound investment advice tailored to specific needs. We excel at offering a platform of diversified investment products ranging from Separately Managed Accounts, ETF Portfolios and Alternative Investments. At CWC Advisors, our portfolio management team creates and manages globally diversified portfolios for Individuals and small cap portfolios for Institutions.

Why Choose CWC?

Research Driven

Our portfolio management team deploys a research driven process that focusses on identifying undervalued assets in the marketplace. Our value driven philosophy helps create portfolios that are sustainable through market cycles.


We are always available to help our clients. Risk tolerance determination, asset allocation, financial projections, retirement planning and estate planning are some of the services we provide our clients. We provide all clients with their own login credentials so they can view accounts on their desktop or handheld devices.

Custom Portfolios

We offer customized investment portfolios based on your specific needs. All investment options are available to everyone whether you are looking at separately managed accounts, ETF’s or Alternative Investments.