Our Services

Risk Tolerance Analysis

Determining your risk tolerance is a vital step for every investor as they begin to create a long term investment plan. Knowing your investment time horizon and your ability to tolerate market fluctuations over long market cycles will allow you to better achieve your long term investment objectives.

Asset Allocation Analysis and Implementation

Once your risk tolerance is determined your CWC team will create an asset allocation strategy that will help you reach your long term goals. Asset allocation changes can be made at any time based on changes in the market and changes in your risk tolerance profile. Life changes and retirement are both examples of further asset allocation analysis.

Retirement Planning

We help support clients by providing asset level analysis as you work towards retirement. 401k contributions, fixed assets and savings towards your goals are all factored into the projections. By doing this you will be able to visualize your long term plans into the future.

Estate Planning

Establishing and understanding an estate plan is an important part of protecting your hard earned assets. We work with clients to determine what the best course of action is in order to minimize taxable events as estates are transferred from one family member to another.

College Savings Guidance

The cost of education is soaring. The sooner savings for college occurs the better off you will be. We will guide you and determine the best investment vehicles available on a State be State basis.

Business Transition

For business owners the time may come for a liquidity event. We provide guidance to business owners on how you can best be prepared prior to a business sale or ownership transition. Taking the time on the front end of a transaction will benefit you over the long term.